Version Released

Version – Released February 1, 2014

New to this version:

  • Bug #133 – FIXED – Insert paste is not working correctly and undo doesn’t undo every change, you lose events at the end of the line.
  • Bug #134 – FIXED – Color’s don’t update in profile editing screen when you exit from color dialog.
  • Added more detail to channel XML checking if a Null Reference Exception is thrown.
  • Added the ability to select all events for a channel in the channel context menu. (Right click on a channel)
  • Added the ability to select all events for a period in the event context menu. (Right click in the waveform)
  • Updated FMOD to version 4.44.30
  • Bug #135 – FIXED – The title tag from an MP3 file was not being read by FMOD properly, implemented custom solution bypassing flawed FMOD implementation.

64 Bit Download of Vixen+

MD5: 5050595FFF2AF8FD619693B18384759F
SHA1: 5CC0A44D9B6844041987811784E6C90E08CE2B95

32 Bit Download of Vixen+

MD5: 5E42179BC8AB80A34B5E4DCDC98B7B36
SHA1: 879DA47D79431C40FBBD3E775E7435199FC7499A

The season is over, a new version is released and documentation is coming…

Boy, it has been a while since I updated anything here.  But, with the new year comes new energy, a new version and a some documentation!  I’ve got a couple of folks who have volunteered to begin producing and writing some documentation for Vixen+!

The new version has a bunch of new features since out last update:

  • Added two new preference items under the general tab
    1. Auto save tool bars (A 2014 Feature Request!)
    2. Number of recent files under the File menu (5 to 20)
  • Save cross hairs state (A 2014 Feature Request!)
  • Save waveform state (A 2014 Feature Request!)
  • Paste Preview – Hold down the F3 key when in the event grid to see how pasting will look before pasting! (A 2014 Feature Request!)
  • Event bookmarks. Hold down shift-ctrl-1 through shift-ctrl-9 to set/reset a event bookmark, and press ctrl-1 through ctrl-9 to move there.
  • Auto range play select. If Event bookmark 1 and 9 are defined, that is what will play if you click Play Range (Alt-F6) (A 2014 Feature Request!)
  • Minor internal refactoring and bug fixes.

We had a great show this year with over 500 vehicles visiting and lots of great comments on the show.  We made a couple new blinky-flashy friends and had a great time once the show was running.

And, finally, we have our first documentation video coming very soon.  I’ll post it here soon.

So, now as I get back to work coding Vixen+, I want to say thank you to everyone who supports this project and thank you to Justin and Mark for their help with documentation.  I will be keeping this site updated with all information as it pertains to Vixen+, so you will probably be seeing posts here weekly.

Happy New Year — John

New updates available

Vixen plus has had quite a few updates in the past two months and I have not made my friends here aware of it.  The changes made are listed below:

02 SEP 2013 - V  {BETA}
    Bug #111 - FIXED - Red X of death.  When managing profiles, exiting can cause the Red X of death. 
    Bug #112 - ISSUE IN ELF - Elf does not work when a group is selected.
    Bug #113 - FIXED - Sort Order will move up by one when edit/manage a profile, eventually crashing the system.
    Bug #114 - MITIGATED - Looping will cause a crash if let running for a long period. "Fix" writes to crash.log
        if the values are out of range to help with root cause diagnostics.
    Bug #115 - FIXED - Drawing intensity in percentage mode sets intensity to the incorrect level.
    Bug #116 - FIXED - Selecting sequence length on toolbar and pressing enter says it reset the length even though
        nothing changed.
    Bug #117 - CAN NOT REPRODUCE - Channel Order does not show correctly on toolbar when a sequence is opened.
        Tested with both profile and non-profile sequences.
    Bug #118 - FIXED - Test channels and test console open multiple instances.

31 AUG 2013 - V  {BETA}
    Bug #104 - FIXED - Beat track tapping in audio dialog not working.
    Bug #105 - FIXED - Channel count on toolbar not updated correctly when creating new sequence.
    Bug #106 - NOT FIXED - Profile rename actually copies profile and doesn't rename.
    Bug #107 - FIXED - Profile rename can overwrite an existing profile if the same name is used.
    Bug #108 - FIXED - Remove a channel crashes when trying to rename channels after removing a channel.
    Bug #109 - FIXED - Routine dialog crashes when there are not any routines to select.
    Bug #110 - CAN NOT REPRODUCE - Sort order UI has some weird behavior when moving channels around.
    Grammar errors fixed.
    Buttons fixed on profile dialog screen. No text was appearing.

26 JLY 2013 - V  {BETA}
    Bug #100 - NOT FIXED - Certain DPI do not render well in Vixen+. See forum for work around.
    Bug #101 - FIXED - Crash when small grid window and a cell get clicked.
    Bug #102 - FIXED - SaveAs...crashes when there is nothing to save.
    Bug #103 - FIXED - Channel context menu doesn't operate with mapped channels correctly.
    Enhancement - Context copy channel now use the clicked channel as the default source.
    Enhancement - (partial fix for errors from bug #100) - Can select, in preferences, if you want to use
       the check mark for highlighting selections or just use the regular windows methodology.
    Enhancement - Buggos.

As always, you can find the latest version on

Beta Testing Update

Beta testing is going well.  3 minor bugs reported and fixed.  One request for new users in order to simplify the initial start-up of Vixen+ by allowing them to choose a data directory.

Thanks to all the volunteers for helping out.

Day 4 of 4 – Interesting facts about Vixen+ Artisan

Today, let us look at the integration of Nutcracker into Vixen+ (Nutcracker is courtesy of Sean Meighan and Matt Brown, thanks guys!)

There is a new icon in Vixen+ to launch Nutcracker

when you click it, you get the Nutcracker settings screen

If you’re familiar with Nutcracker, most of these don’t need any explanation. You can…

  • select or load your saved model (Tree, arch, matrix and window frame), set how many strings and nodes each has,
  • choose where you want the rendered model data to go (Vixen routine, Clipboard, selected area in your sequence or a specific point in your sequence),
  • how the effects are layered,
  • which effects you want to generate,
  • preview the effects,
  • load effect presets that you’ve save,
  • add sparkles to your effects,
  • and so on.

Nutcracker in Vixen+ knows about groups, which can be used to help build your model

or you can select your start channel, and again you see that channels are colored just as they are elsewhere in Vixen+

Nutcracker was originally written for RGB elements. Vixen+’s implementation takes that a step further, you can render to single color static lights, just select the part of the RGB color space you want to render

What does the future hold for Vixen+ Artisan?

This is where you come in. Once it is released, I plan on listening to the users and when possible, implementing their suggestions.

Some of my ideas are:

  • Better RGB string handling
  • Beat detection
  • Importing and exporting to other sequencer files (LOR, xLights, HLS, etc.)
  • Integrated RDS
  • Audio Scrubbing

and I could go on and on about what I want, but I want to hear from you, the users.  What do you want?

Thanks for reading this series and feel free to leave a question or comment below.

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