A new version and a tutorial video.

Check out the latest download page for the links to our latest version.

We also have a tutorial video available as well…

Version Early Release Preview

Okay folks, here it is but first a couple warnings:

  1. This is considered an early preview release, please only use on backed up data. Install it in a different location than you normally use the stable release. I have tried to test everything, but there are significant changes as to how Vixen+ handles its profiles, groups, plugins and channels.
  2. I will not be available tomorrow (27 May 2014) since I “get” to go to a funeral. Oh joy
  3. The data directory structure has changed a lottle bit (that’s a little but a lot) take a look, it is obvious once you look, but don’t just copy over your old data directory and expect it to work. Once we get to the scheduler and the on-line sequence exchange done, these changes will make more sense (or maybe not, but to me they do.)
  4. Please report bugs using Jira. Also, please attach the crash.log to bugs if one is available. I will fix them as quick as possible and push out a new release.
  5. Speaking of fixes, for the time being, this version will not auto update, watch this space for new releases with bug fixes. It may still check, but it will not find anything to update.
  6. If you start to see files that end with .x, don’t delete them for the time being, they are backups of your data, just in case something doesn’t work
  7. Elf preview may or may not work, I have not tested it, but a better AP is coming.
  8. Save As does not export to Vixen 2.x as of today, that will be coming very soon.
  9. There are spelling and grammar errors in the Release Notes (sorry Mat!)

Okay, on with the good news:

  1. The new profile manager is here, setup everything about your profiles in one place…channels, plugins and groups. Since nutcracker models can span across multiple profiles, they are set in their own spot. You may have noticed one thing missing from the profiles and that is Sort Orders! They are gone since they were evil. However, I have automatically converted you sort orders to groups. Groups are good, and they are going to get better, very, very soon. (Think RGB channels in a single row type good. Think beat track good.) In preparation for these changes I have removed sort orders since they are not needed anymore and that allowed me to remove almost 1200 lines of code that is what we in the business like to call spaghetti code. No one shall every speak the name of sort orders from this time forward (well you can speak of them, but they are dead! Good riddance!)
  2. The profile manager is quite a change, there will be a tutorial on Saturday, May 31st about these new functions and …
  3. …NUTCRACKER in Vixen+ – now before you get too excited, it was a version Sean, et. al. did about 4 months ago (I think Sean has done 347 releases since then — okay not really, but when the bugs are all squished, I will catch up to Sean and then keep lock step with them. I’ve rewritten my implementation of Nutcracker 2 times now in order to support adding new functions/effects as soon as they come out in the stand alone version. Again, May 31st we’ll do a little demo of Nutcracker. Watch for the announcement post coming later tonight.
  4. A couple of Jira bugs were fixed in this release as well. See the release notes for more info.
  5. Version was 4,044,244 bytes (3.85MBytes), the new version with added functionality is only 2,232,550 bytes (2.12MBytes) – a 45% reduction in size – with the reduced size comes speed, I have tested Vixen+ with 40,000 channels (78+ universes for you DMX folks) and it ran flawlessly. I can tweak more performance out of it, but to do so, I am going to be moving to .Net 4.5 and that will mean that I will no longer be supporting Windows XP come January 1, 2015. Forewarned is forearmed.

While I don’t anticipate any really big, nasty bugs, it could happen, but when they are all fixed, I am starting on the Scheduler (Vixen+ Conductor) and the “new” AP (Vixen+ Rehearsal) so ideas you have for those can be started in another thread.

Hmm, what am I missing? I feel like I am missing something….well I guess it will just have to wait…just kidding, here are the links…

64 Bit version

32 Bit version

Live stream of Mini Conference

We will be using Live stream for the video and then the VixenPlus chat room on DIYChristmas.org for chat. There is a 15 second delay from recording to broadcast, but we will keep the chat window up for folks to see here. Since we are using a free LiveStream account, you the viewer will have to register for a free LiveStream account to view the presentation. I have not gotten any SPAM from them since I registered.

The AM session will be at https://new.livestream.com/accounts/…events/2985828 (I will start the stream at 8:45am PST and end around 12:00PM PST for lunch)

The PM session will be at https://new.livestream.com/accounts/…events/2985852 (I will start after lunch about 1:15pm PST and end when we’re done)

Mini conference with Vixen Plus demo May 17th

We’re holding a mini conference (hope to have it broadcast live) on May 17th. For more information visit DIYChristmas.org

Many bug fixes and such in the latest version

Which now also includes an auto update feature. Vixen Plus is coming into its own.

Latest Version is which can be had from the download latest version links here on vixenplus.com

Thank you to everyone for you outpouring of support. It is greatly appreciated.

Version Released

Version – Released February 1, 2014

New to this version:

  • Bug #133 – FIXED – Insert paste is not working correctly and undo doesn’t undo every change, you lose events at the end of the line.
  • Bug #134 – FIXED – Color’s don’t update in profile editing screen when you exit from color dialog.
  • Added more detail to channel XML checking if a Null Reference Exception is thrown.
  • Added the ability to select all events for a channel in the channel context menu. (Right click on a channel)
  • Added the ability to select all events for a period in the event context menu. (Right click in the waveform)
  • Updated FMOD to version 4.44.30
  • Bug #135 – FIXED – The title tag from an MP3 file was not being read by FMOD properly, implemented custom solution bypassing flawed FMOD implementation.

64 Bit Download of Vixen+

MD5: 5050595FFF2AF8FD619693B18384759F
SHA1: 5CC0A44D9B6844041987811784E6C90E08CE2B95

32 Bit Download of Vixen+

MD5: 5E42179BC8AB80A34B5E4DCDC98B7B36
SHA1: 879DA47D79431C40FBBD3E775E7435199FC7499A

Vixen+ Tutorial for new users. Basic features and some advanced features.

Our first tutorial in what I hope to be a bi-weekly event entitled “How to use Vixen+”

NOTE: This was our first try at using OBS to encode/webcast video and the settings did not stick when the video was rendered. Sorry for the black around the video. — John

Install and Update Vixen+

In out first ever video documentation for Vixen+, Justin walks us through the process of installing and then updating Vixen+

Thanks Justin!

— John

The season is over, a new version is released and documentation is coming…

Boy, it has been a while since I updated anything here.  But, with the new year comes new energy, a new version and a some documentation!  I’ve got a couple of folks who have volunteered to begin producing and writing some documentation for Vixen+!

The new version has a bunch of new features since out last update:

  • Added two new preference items under the general tab
    1. Auto save tool bars (A 2014 Feature Request!)
    2. Number of recent files under the File menu (5 to 20)
  • Save cross hairs state (A 2014 Feature Request!)
  • Save waveform state (A 2014 Feature Request!)
  • Paste Preview – Hold down the F3 key when in the event grid to see how pasting will look before pasting! (A 2014 Feature Request!)
  • Event bookmarks. Hold down shift-ctrl-1 through shift-ctrl-9 to set/reset a event bookmark, and press ctrl-1 through ctrl-9 to move there.
  • Auto range play select. If Event bookmark 1 and 9 are defined, that is what will play if you click Play Range (Alt-F6) (A 2014 Feature Request!)
  • Minor internal refactoring and bug fixes.

We had a great show this year with over 500 vehicles visiting and lots of great comments on the show.  We made a couple new blinky-flashy friends and had a great time once the show was running.

And, finally, we have our first documentation video coming very soon.  I’ll post it here soon.

So, now as I get back to work coding Vixen+, I want to say thank you to everyone who supports this project and thank you to Justin and Mark for their help with documentation.  I will be keeping this site updated with all information as it pertains to Vixen+, so you will probably be seeing posts here weekly.

Happy New Year — John

New updates available

Vixen plus has had quite a few updates in the past two months and I have not made my friends here aware of it.  The changes made are listed below:

02 SEP 2013 - V  {BETA}
    Bug #111 - FIXED - Red X of death.  When managing profiles, exiting can cause the Red X of death. 
    Bug #112 - ISSUE IN ELF - Elf does not work when a group is selected.
    Bug #113 - FIXED - Sort Order will move up by one when edit/manage a profile, eventually crashing the system.
    Bug #114 - MITIGATED - Looping will cause a crash if let running for a long period. "Fix" writes to crash.log
        if the values are out of range to help with root cause diagnostics.
    Bug #115 - FIXED - Drawing intensity in percentage mode sets intensity to the incorrect level.
    Bug #116 - FIXED - Selecting sequence length on toolbar and pressing enter says it reset the length even though
        nothing changed.
    Bug #117 - CAN NOT REPRODUCE - Channel Order does not show correctly on toolbar when a sequence is opened.
        Tested with both profile and non-profile sequences.
    Bug #118 - FIXED - Test channels and test console open multiple instances.

31 AUG 2013 - V  {BETA}
    Bug #104 - FIXED - Beat track tapping in audio dialog not working.
    Bug #105 - FIXED - Channel count on toolbar not updated correctly when creating new sequence.
    Bug #106 - NOT FIXED - Profile rename actually copies profile and doesn't rename.
    Bug #107 - FIXED - Profile rename can overwrite an existing profile if the same name is used.
    Bug #108 - FIXED - Remove a channel crashes when trying to rename channels after removing a channel.
    Bug #109 - FIXED - Routine dialog crashes when there are not any routines to select.
    Bug #110 - CAN NOT REPRODUCE - Sort order UI has some weird behavior when moving channels around.
    Grammar errors fixed.
    Buttons fixed on profile dialog screen. No text was appearing.

26 JLY 2013 - V  {BETA}
    Bug #100 - NOT FIXED - Certain DPI do not render well in Vixen+. See forum for work around.
    Bug #101 - FIXED - Crash when small grid window and a cell get clicked.
    Bug #102 - FIXED - SaveAs...crashes when there is nothing to save.
    Bug #103 - FIXED - Channel context menu doesn't operate with mapped channels correctly.
    Enhancement - Context copy channel now use the clicked channel as the default source.
    Enhancement - (partial fix for errors from bug #100) - Can select, in preferences, if you want to use
       the check mark for highlighting selections or just use the regular windows methodology.
    Enhancement - Buggos.

As always, you can find the latest version on diychristmas.org

The next generation in lighting sequence management by John McAdams and Team

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